Construction Equipment

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Scissor Lift 26FT

Trencher up to 30″ depth

Skid Steer Loader w/trailer

Telescopic Aerial Lift 40FT

Excavator w/ Trailer

Tractor BACKHOE 4WD Diesel

Scissor lift 32FT

Material Lifts

Cement Mixer 3 cu.ft.

Cement Mixer 9 cu.ft.

Mortar Mixer 9 cu.ft.

Plate Compactor

Core Drill

Cutoff Saw – 14″ GAS



Walk Behind Saw

Aluminum Break

Scaffolding (Baker)

185cfm Diesel Air Compressor

Breaker Hammer AIR
60lb or 90lb.

Lolli Columns

Hand Tampers

Mig Welders

Propane Heaters

Rotary Hammer Drill

Sand Blaster – small

Screw Jack

Breaker Hammer Electric

Wet Saw 10″

Tile Cutter

Sand Blaster – large

Breaker/Chipping Hammer

LiftPod 15FT

55x Boom 65-ft reach

Sheetrock Lift