Barbecue Rentals Bellport

Barbecue Rentals Bellport


The warm weather is upon us and it’s almost time for some Barbecuing! DeAngelis Rentals offers all kinds of backyard party equipment. You can find Barbeque Rentals Bellport large enough to entertain lots of friends.

DeAngeliss has been supplying Nassau and Suffolk counties reliable equipment for over 25 years. Each rented piece comes with full instructions. Every rental is maintained and cared for in accordance to the manufacturer’s directions.

So now you know that the product is safe to use. You can start planning your party with a number of Barbeque Rentals Bellport. You can rent full size tents with sides and lights. There are linens to choose from as well as utensils. You can include dance floors, tables and chairs. Add a cotton candy machine or a popcorn station. The children would love if you added a bounce house or water slide for the day!

DeAngelis Party Rentals can make your party come alive with unique Barbeque Rentals Bellport. Have then deliver your rental equipment and then pick it up when you are finished. That leaves you more time to enjoy your guests and less time worrying about clean up. Call this well-known rental company today before it’s too late. Call 631-563-1311 and speak with a knowledgeable representative. 

Backhoe Rentals Nassau County

Backhoe Rentals Nassau County

Are you a business looking for Backhoe Rentals Nassau County? DeAngelis Rentals in Sayville can help you. They have been servicing Long Island construction companies with equipment rentals for over 25 years. Their equipment is affordable and reliable.

You can have your Backhoe Rentals Nassau County for as long as you need. Rentals are for 2, 4 and 10 hour increments. If you need them longer discounts are given. These discounts are for daily, weekly and monthly rates. Your equipment will be delivered to you at your convenience. All of the rentals from DeAngelis are maintained and cared for in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements. Instructions are included with all equipment too.


DeAngelis has a large variety of equipment including Backhoe RentalsNassau County. There are Bobcats, Trenchers, Scissor Lifts, Core Drillers and even Cement Mixers. Rentals are available on plumbing and paint equipment too. You can rent yard and garden tools and even some automotive tools.


DeAngelis is your one stop shop for all kinds of rental equipment. Come visit their showroom and speak with a representative. The quicker you get your rental the faster you will finish your project. 

Bobcat Rentals Oakdale

Bobcat Rentals Oakdale


Are you ready to tackle some large construction in your yard this year? Are you looking for affordable Bobcat Rentals Oakdale? Look no further than DeAngelis Rentals. Located in Sayville, this family owned and operated business has the tools you need. They have been proudly serving customers in Nassau and Suffolk for more than 25 years.


You will find that this is your one stop shop for equipment rentals. Inventory includes front end loaders, power and hand tools for the yard, plumbing and even automotive equipment. Besides Bobcat Rentals Oakdale there are rentals on painting equipment too. You can even rent carpet and floor care items.


You can rent equipment by the hour in 2, 4 or 10-hour increments. There are discounted rates for daily, weekly or monthly rates. All of their equipment is professionally serviced and maintained. This is all in accordance with the manufacturers requirements. Instructions on how to operate every piece of equipment comes with your rental.


There is no time like now when spring is starting to get a head start on your construction. Make work easier for you by having your Bobcat

Rentals Oakdale delivered to you at your convenience. They accept many major credit cards. Call today at 631-563-1311. A representative will gladly help you get the rental you need. 

Tractor Rentals Holtsville

Tractor Rentals Holtsville can save you time, energy and save your back.  There are so many chores that you can do effortlessly with the help of a tractor.  You probably never thought of it, but it’s not that difficult to rent.  Come down to DeAngelis Equipment Rentals located on the south service road of Sunrise Highway in Sayville to learn more about Tractor Rentals Holtsville. Decide on a day to rent and then tackle that to do list.  Start with moving the log pile away from the house so as not to draw ants to your home.  Level out the backyard and load up pavers into the tractor bucket to transport them to your desired location.  No more lifting and straining.  With Tractor Rentals Holtsville you can really take the sting out of a work day.  Whether you are a do it yourselfer, contractor or landscaper, DeAngelis Equipment Rentals has the tractor for you.  Speak with a representative at DeAngelis Equipment Rentals about all the details involving Tractor Rentals Holtsville.  Find out about the tow equipment that you may need to get the equipment to your destination.  DeAngelis Equipment Rentals is open 6 days a week with rentals available Sundays.

Tractor Rentals Bayport

Are you looking to move large quantities of soil from one area to another?  No point in investing in purchasing equipment for a once in a lifetime project.  Consider Tractor Rentals Bayport.  Whether you are a do it yourselfer, a contractor or landscaper DeAngelis Equipment Rentals has the tractor to meet your needs.  Log pile need to be moved?  Don’t spend an entire day doing it log by log when Tractor Rentals Bayport would leave your day intact.  Make a list of all the jobs that would require Tractor Rentals Bayport such as leveling land, moving debris, re-locating stone and call DeAngelis Equipment Rentals and reserve your tractor today. While there, check out all the equipment that they have for rental.  DeAngelis Equipment Rentals has been helping Long Islanders for years with affordable ways to do projects all around your home and business without having to hire a professional.  Save money and get the satisfaction of doing it yourself with the help of the right equipment.  Now is the time of year that the weekend warriors are ready to go, so call today and reserve the equipment you need for the date that you want so you can put all the work behind you and enjoy the entire summer chore free!

Lift Rentals Long Island

Are you a do it yourselfer?  Do you have an entire list of things that have to get done before the heat of the summer is here?  Lift Rentals Long Island can help you with so many of your tasks at hand.  Trim the dead wood from the trees surrounding your home. Easy. Clean the gutters and fix the roof.  Piece of cake.  Change the light bulbs on the second story of your home.  Done. With Lift Rentals Long Island you can caulk your windows on the second story of your home and paint the trim.  Don’t take a chance climbing up a ladder.  Why risk your health when you are doing odd jobs around the house?  Affordable and easier is DeAngelis Equipment Rentals of Sayville.  Using a lift enables you to reach with both feet planted firmly on a platform.  Keep your tools right next to you without ever having to go up and down.  In fact, some of the lifts are small enough to fit through your front door enabling you to paint those vaulted ceilings in the interior of your home.  Clean the windows…..simple.  Call DeAngelis Equipment of Sayville today to order your Lift Rentals Long Island before your wife comes up with more jobs to add to her honey-do list!

Trencher Rentals Bohemia

Spring has finally arrived and along with it comes the task of watering the lawn.  Remember last year how you vowed this would be the last year of going out every half hour to move the sprinkler?  Now is the time to install your automated sprinkler system.  Not only does it save you the inconvenience, but it will save water.  With Trencher Rentals Bohemia it makes the job so much easier.  DeAngelis Equipment Rentals of Sayville has trenchers that will dig the ground for a seamless installation.  Why would you ever want to use the old fashioned shovel to create the trenches you need to install the pvc pipe?  Consider Trencher Rentals Bohemia and do it the way the professionals do.  Save time, save your back.  You will see that with Trencher Rentals Bohemia the installation will go so fast. Speak with the representatives at DeAngelis Equipment Rentals for short cuts and suggestions to help you get the job done the right way the first time.  Who knows, you may even get requests from your neighbors! Remember to watch for underground wires and gas lines.  DeAngelis Equipment of Sayville wants you to be safe and encourage to wear safety gear as well.  Do it right, affordably with

Tractor Rentals Oakdale

Have you been searching for a place where you can rent a tractor for all the chores you have to do around your home?  Are you planning to have a truckload of dirt or pavers delivered to your home?  How are you going to move all of those landscaping materials to the site where you plan to use them?  Have you considered Tractor Rentals Oakdale?  DeAngelis Equipment Rentals located in Sayville can help.  They have Tractor Rentals Oakdale available and ready to use.  Moving dirt and leveling off your property is so much easier with a tractor.  You have always wanted to jump on a tractor and go….and here’s your chance to make your chores easier while enjoying riding around on a tractor.  Tractors are not just for farmers anymore. With Tractor Rentals Oakdale you can move a log pile.  Knock down small trees and relocate them.  Move bricks, stone and shrubs.  Have you ordered a number of evergreens that are being delivered to your driveway?  With the use of a tractor you can take two shrubs at a time and deliver them right to the site of installation with ease.  DeAngelis Equipment Rentals is open 6 days a week with rentals available on Sundays too.

Tractor Rentals Long Island

How many tasks on your to do list would you be able to cross off with the use of a tractor? DeAngelis Equipment Rentals offers Tractor Rentals Long Island that are affordable.  With Tractor Rentals Long Island you can move dirt, lift timbers, branches and stone.  Think of all the uses. Do you have a log pile you wish to relocate? Maybe pave a path and you need to level the soil and then move the pavers from the driveway to the construction site.  DeAngelis Equipment Rentals is located conveniently on the south service road of Sunrise Highway just east of the Johnson Avenue exit. Open 6 days a week with rentals available on Sundays too. They have been helping homeowners with all types of equipment rentals that help the job go smoothly, for decades.  With the right tools, any job becomes easier.  Call today and ask about the different size tractors available for rental.  Make a list of all the ways that Tractor Rentals Long Island from DeAngelis Equipment Rentals can help.  Everyone wants to drive a tractor, and now you can! Rentals are available for homeowners as well as corporate accounts.  Call for details today. Most credit cards accepted.

Lift Rentals Nassau County

Do you know what simple piece of equipment would make all your tasks at hand so much easier?  Using a lift.  This is a piece of equipment that you can elevate to accommodate your needs while still having a firm platform to place your feet for stability.  Where can you find Lift Rentals Nassau County?  At DeAngelis Equipment Rentals.  They are conveniently located on the south service road of Sunrise Highway just east of the Johnson Avenue exit in Sayville.  With Lift Rentals Nassau County it’s easy to trim your trees, get to your leaders and gutters for easy cleaning, paint your home and wash and caulk your windows on the second story of your home.  Installing security lights on your home is a cinch because you thought of using a lift. DeAngelis Equipment Rentals of Sayville has been making chores so easy for homeowners and commercial use with Lift Rentals Nassau County.  Transporting your lift is easy if you have a hitch on your vehicle.  Call DeAngelis Equipment Rentals today and see what size lift will accommodate your needs.  DeAngelis Equipment Rentals is open 6 days a week with rentals available Sundays as well.  Make your honey-do list easy with lift!